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Graphics as easy as child's play.

A New Type of Graphics  Experience

Playing is fun. Selecting graphics for your marketing project should be as well.

Enjoy the process. Have a pleasant experience of selecting your unique graphic or video to wow your audience. 

We haven’t reinvented the wheel, we’ve just added lots of grease.


New graphics and videos are consistently being added to the site.


You browse at your leisure, you choose the graphic, colours, images and then hit send!


You look professional without the effort.

What do the numbers say?

  • Video accounts for 45% of consumers’ preference 45% 45%
  • 22% of consumers prefer photo images 22% 22%
  • Only 10% of consumers prefer to read text 10% 10%

Studies show that our brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text! The brain also retains and transmits much more information when it is delivered visually.

Out of the 1,017 consumers surveyed by Animoto, it is very clear that consumers are much more visual in their preferences of seeing brands on social media. 

Deal of the Month

Christmas Sale

$160.00 $99.00

Promote 5 products in one quick video! Customize the text, images and sale information.









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